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Drug addiction is a chronic disease that can have negative effects on a variety of areas of a person's life and entering a drug rehab in Conroe can't cure addiction but can treat the disease and address the problems it has caused. Asking for help can be hard and so can admitting that you have a problem but if you can take the first step specialists at a drug rehab center can guide you through the options available regarding drug addiction rehab.

A drug rehab center that is connected to a detoxification program is a great way for a recovering addict to begin their recovery because they can seamlessly transition from ridding their body of the drug they're addicted to and begin therapy, counseling, and many other rehabilitation efforts.

What is Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab is the process that an addict undergoes once they have stopped taking drugs or drinking alcohol. There are many different techniques and schools of thought when it comes to what the best type of rehab is but in the end it greatly depends on the addict themselves as to what type of rehab program will work best for them.

This can depend on the type of drug they are addicted to, how long they have been abusing or addicted to drugs, if they have any other underlying or co-existing mental or physical health issues, as well as other items like personality, living environment, and family and relationship status.

Drug addiction rehab programs are designed to give the individual the best chance possible of remaining clean and sober for the long term and to that end introduce addicts and alcoholics to aftercare support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous so that they can build their support structure that they can lean on when they return to a productive life.

Types of Addiction

As specialists at a drug rehab in Conroe know, an individual might be classified as being addicted to a specific type of drug (like heroin) or alcohol but the reality is that most people who choose to abuse drugs, whether they become addicted or not, typically try multiple drugs during the time in their life that they are using.

Additionally, there are drugs that are all part of the same family, like opiates, that abusers and addicts may bounce between depending on what is more readily available. Opiates cover a large number of drugs, some that are legal prescription drugs that are being misused by abusers and addicts and others that are illegal street drugs like opium or heroin. All of the drugs in the opiate family are originally derived from the opium plant.

Drug Addiction Signs and Symptoms

For family members who think their loved one may have a problem with drugs or alcohol, specialists at a drug rehab center can provide information on what signs and symptoms to be on the lookout for in their family member. Two symptoms that every person addicted to drugs or alcohol will develop are tolerance and withdrawal.

They are basically to sides of the same coin. Tolerance is when a person's body needs more of their drug of choice to have the same affect. Using alcohol as an example, two drinks turns into four and four eventually turns into eight in order for the person to feel what they think of as normal. Withdrawal is what occurs when a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol stops using entirely or curtails their drug or alcohol use. When one of these actions is taken, the body reacts to the absence of what it expects and causes a wide variety of physical conditions.

Treatment Options

The good thing about drug rehab in Conroe is that there are many treatment options to choose from including both inpatient and outpatient care models. Inpatient rehab in Conroe takes place in a drug rehab center where the person stay 24 hours of day usually for a period of 28 to 90 days. That time period is considered short-term rehab and for more severe cases of addiction, longer inpatient care may be suggested.

Inpatient care is a good choice for anyone suffering from any level of addiction because it immediately removes them from all parts of their current life, including friends, family, where they live, and where they work, all of which can be triggers for them to use or drink. In this way, it provides a level-setting scenario where they are in a 100% drug-free environment.

Outpatient treatment programs in Conroe can be beneficial in two different situations: if a person has work or home responsibilities that they cannot be aware of or if they have already completed an inpatient rehab program and are following that up with outpatient care. Both provide counseling, therapy, and introduction to aftercare programs that can benefit the recovering addict or alcoholic.

Drug rehab in Conroe is available for any who is ready to take the first step in fighting their addiction. Drug addiction rehab specialists are always ready to answer questions at our drug rehab center. Call us now at (936) 206-3045.

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