Relapse Prevention in Conroe, TX

There are a lot of opportunities for people to work on their relapse prevention in Conroe, including addiction and alcohol relapse prevention programs, support group organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous, and addiction rehab centers that can offer information on these and other available services.

There are two schools of thought on relapses that are prevalent in the addiction treatment community. One is that relapses should be avoided at all costs, they are setbacks and they can be dangerous. The other is that relapses are part of the recovery process and just another hurdle that recovering addicts have to get over in order to lead a clean and sober life in the end.

The latter opinion doesn't discount the fact that relapses can be dangerous but feels they are more of an integrated part of the process. No matter what a person's opinion is about how relapses fit into recovery, everyone agrees that addiction relapse prevention is important as well as alcohol relapse prevention programs for recovering alcoholics.

If you're a family member of an addict or alcoholic and want to know a little more about topics like relapse prevention and why it's necessary, what services for addiction aftercare in Conroe are available, and what part you play in your loved one's addiction relapse prevention, rehab specialists are always available to answer your questions.

What is Relapse Prevention?

There are three stages of relapse and a comprehensive addiction relapse prevention plan will help make sure a recovering addict or alcoholic does not make it through the third stage and actually use or drink again. At each stage, relapse prevention acts as a guide to move you back in the right direction instead of in the direction of using or drinking.

Relapse prevention can also be 100% preventative and incorporate daily tasks, routines, and reminders that sobriety is your goal each and every day. These daily routines can be on the scale of going to a support group meeting (especially in the early days of recovery) or as simple as taking a short walk each morning as an indicator that you are on the right track.

Drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs want each individual addict or alcoholic to develop the plan that works for them on a regular basis and when they are at risk of using or drinking again. For those looking for help with their relapse prevention in Conroe, whether it's because they are newly sober or have moved to the area, can contact a drug and alcohol rehab center to find out about support groups that meet in the area.

Why are Relapse Prevention Tools Necessary?

Addiction relapse prevention tools are necessary because they give the recovering addict or alcoholic something to reference when they are feeling the urge to use or drink. Some suggestions that drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs give recovering addicts and alcoholics are general and straightforward -- like not going into a bar if you are a newly recovering alcoholic -- and some are very specific to the individual.

Everyone has different things that cause them stress in their lives and stress is one of the top reasons people used or drank in the past and why they will have a relapse as well. That's one trigger, stress, which is probably on most people's list of things to watch out for when they are in recovery. Another topic that counselors discuss with recovering addicts is to stay away from bad influences. This might mean turning your back on people you think are your friends, but if they use or drink and wouldn't necessarily support your sobriety, then you need to keep them at arm's length.

Consistently attending counseling session where you can talk about your challenges with someone who understands the pitfalls of addiction is a good way to keep on track and focused on staying clean and sober. If speaking to your counselor after a while seems like you're doing the same old thing all the time, then maybe a relapse prevention aftercare organization is the way to go.

Relapse Prevention Aftercare Services

The long term goal of staying clean and sober can be supported by taking advantage of addiction relapse prevention aftercare services. There are many options for relapse prevention in Conroe and much like different therapies work for different people, different aftercare programs are the same way.

Along with counseling which was previously mentioned, there are sober-living homes, halfway houses, AA and NA meetings, and many types of outpatient treatment programs in Conroe. For more information on relapse prevention in Conroe contact an addiction rehab center today at (936) 206-3045

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